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Our Management Team’s Perspective on eDiscovery

Innovative Development’s Management Team unites the skills of veteran project managers with technology and operational expertise across the full range of business today.

Building a team on paper is one thing. Molding that team’s versatility into a focused tool for supporting eDiscovery is quite another. Our leaders work closely with one another integrating best practices from a variety of disciplines. As efficiency experts, we are constantly refining our field teams to meet the needs of industries ranging from legal firms to corporate legal departments across diverse verticals including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, telecommunications, finance, and banking.

You’ll find our leadership team is a model for our eDiscovery teams in the field. We work hard to deploy experienced and integrated teams wherever they are needed. These tightly knit teams magnify efficiency both in communication and in implementation.

Amanda Mortimer

Managing Member

Steven Rodi

CFO|Director of Principal Consulting

Martina Rodi

Sr. Member, Recruiting & Sourcing

Marc Portner

Principal Consultant, eDiscovery Center of Excellence

Mark Lewish

Director of eDiscovery, eDiscovery Center of Excellence

Richard Slawter

Marketing Manager

Steven Rodi

Government Affairs

Feel free to contact any of our Management Team to learn more about our experience, how we work, and the powerful solutions we can deliver.