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Understanding GDPR

The GDPR train is leaving the station - don't be left behind!

Innovative Development LLC, a leader in eDiscovery, Records Management, business process improvement and legal systems integration consulting services has announced the expansion of these services to include GDPR compliance consulting.

Become GDPR Compliant

Combining elements of industry best practices, ITIL, ISM, EDRM and IGRM methodologies to the implementation of GDPR principles for protection and use of personal data in international organizations. Together with real world experience of Records Management; Information Security; IT Management and Business Process Change – ID consultants are enabling organizations to identify and gain control of their data assets and manage them efficiently to reduce risk and cost.

Our customers use our GDPR consulting services to:

  • Introduce the principles, responsibilities and requirements of GDPR to the organization
  • Stay current on changes to and legal interpretations of GDPR compliance
  • Disseminate key definitions of GDPR in clear and concise ways
  • Communicate the GDPR Principles to the organization
  • Identify the lawful basis for processing for each organization
  • Identify individual rights and how they relate to the organizations data processing
  • Define the business processes to ensure accountability and governance
  • Define appropriate security to safeguard personal data
  • Define and implement the proper protocols for international transfers of personal data
  • Define and implement procedures to notify individuals of personal data breaches
  • Identify and document any exemptions granted by the EU to local jurisdictions
  • Ensure complete definition of, and compliance with, all procedures related to the processing of children’s personal data


Prepare Your Organization For GDPR Compliance