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International eDiscovery Advice and Support

Customizing eDiscovery processes to meet and comply with data privacy and compliance regulations in multiple jurisdictions.

Laws, regulatory systems and privacy rules vary internationally, sometimes they differ from state to state within a country.  Many companies now have international operations, but often do not have a full understanding of their obligations across these jurisdictions, especially when dealing with the sensitive and complex tasks involved in eDiscovery.  Innovative Development assists its multi-national clients by having consultants working globally, experienced in collecting and reviewing data to comply with local rules.

Think global, act local

Not all companies want to have legal, compliance and eDiscovery teams at every global location.  Innovative Development assists clients in developing procedures to ensure compliance with security and privacy laws in different jurisdictions, and we place consultants locally to support eDiscovery activities in these locations – full-time, part-time and on-demand.

Tailored eDiscovery solutions

In the USA, much of the eDiscovery activity to date has been driven by litigation and civil procedures.  In Europe and elsewhere in the world this is not the case, and more investigations are initiated for regulatory or compliance reasons.  For example, in the UK the Information Commissioner’s Office has published guidelines for public bodies and private organizations detailing the time they have to respond to an individual’s request for access to their personal information.  Innovative Development can help develop the ESI maps and procedures to reduce the cost associated with these requests, and to meet the deadlines imposed.

eDiscovery requirements are similar across the globe, but there isn’t an “off-the-peg”, one size fits all approach to responding to events.  Innovative Development’s consultants have the key knowledge and expertise to help tailor a local solution for your global business.

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