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Litigation Support

Full Lifecycle Litigation Support So You Breathe Easier

Litigation Support Professionals Assess, Plan, and Guide You at Every Step

Reduce client risk, improve matter analysis, and streamline data preparation and response mechanisms when Innovative Development engineers your eDiscovery program. Our experience in IT systems, forensic analysis, and eDiscovery delivers the best possible ongoing litigation support.

A Flexible Framework Spans Litigation Readiness Assessment, Planning, Support Technology, and Ongoing Support Services

Litigation Readiness Assessment
Innovative Development’s eDiscovery team prepares a litigation readiness assessment to identify issues that require legal or operational attention. We examine Information Governance processes, roles, and responsibilities and help clients implement Information Governance strategies utilizing leading-edge industry standards (e.g., Information Governance Reference Model [IGRM]. The culmination of the assessment is to construct a litigation readiness plan that allows quick and effective response to legal actions.

Litigation Readiness Plan
Innovative Development organizes its litigation support services around the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Consistent with this model, we develop a legal response plan, which defines the stakeholders in an eDiscovery response team. We develop the framework for litigation response and define the required roles and responsibilities. We assist in defining processes, standards, roles, and responsibilities relative to legal hold and preservation.

Litigation Support Professionals
We configure our expert teams to meet the precise needs and outcomes expected by our clients. These teams can include:

  • Expert eDiscovery Analysts
  • eDiscovery Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Certified Forensic Technicians
  • Project Management Professionals (PMP)
  • eDiscovery Application System Experts
  • Records Management Experts
  • Legal Support Specialists

Litigation Support Technology
Innovative Development’s extensive knowledge and experience with eDiscovery software tools for legal matters can help reduce costs and improve efficiencies. We work with clients utilizing eDiscovery software that best fits their needs. We help our clients identify which forensic, search, and hosting solutions best fit their legal, business, and technical environments.

For Litigation Support When and How You Need It