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Risk Management

Prepare for eDiscovery. Reduce Risk Now and Later.

Risks and Regulations Only Increase. Stay a Step Ahead with Proactive Planning

We are experts in compliance risk management for eDiscovery. We provide targeted advice for managing, acquiring, and controlling Electronically Stored Information (ESI), resulting in reduced compliance risk.

Risk Is Manageable When Planned for in Advance and Across All Aspects of a Business

Our goal is to establish strategic, compliant, and efficient eDiscovery plans. Critical to that goal is risk management, records management policies, and procedures for managing data. Recent changes (2011) to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure pertaining to ESI data have increased legal requirements in how to preserve, collect, review, and produce corporate information for litigation. Innovative Development offers solutions to address the risks posed by these new rules.

Clearly, risks to data go beyond compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Malicious code, hackers, and the complexity of decentralized organizations impose obstacles that demand integrated legal, eDiscovery, and IT expertise. Innovative Development provides this essential expertise across all corporate business areas, application platforms, and security systems.

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