About Us

Our Name Drives Us

We Never Stop Innovating

“Innovative Development” is what we have practiced for our clients and ourselves since 1992, when we started as a small technology-consulting firm. Our commitment to innovation drove the expansion of our business services, our client base, and our capabilities to serve international clients in multiple countries. In 2006, we began providing eDiscovery services to Fortune 500 companies. We expanded with international operations in 2010.

Our name is our business – business process and system innovations developed and applied to benefit clients. We never stop innovating. We are driven to expand our services, to improve our processes continuously, and to shape ourselves and our solutions to fit our clients’ needs.

Seasoned Experts Working Across a Broad Range of Organizations

Bringing proven processes, technologies, and strategic thinking to a broad industry roster was central to the founding of Innovative Development. We deliver thoughtful, valuable, and efficient solutions to Fortune 500 companies, large non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic institutions, and the government.

Our senior consultants average more than a decade of experience leading integrated business teams in most major business and industrial sectors. We have expertise in pharmaceuticals, finance, and manufacturing, where combining operational efficiency, technology, and innovative staff structures forged the best practices now common in other industries. Additionally, our experience in government, law, and education has given us access to the brightest new minds, top-level legal counsel, and the latest in government policy.

eDiscovery the Innovative Development Way

Several of our principal consultants have been delivering eDiscovery solutions since 2001. Our eDiscovery clients trust the knowledge, experience, and insights of our consultants, who produce industry-standard and specifically engineered solutions for their eDiscovery needs.

On-site or off-site, we deliver dependable, defensible results on schedule and on budget. When we work with clients, we listen intently to them and work as trusted partners with them to unite business objectives, work culture, and budgetary requirements.

Multiple U.S. Offices and European Locations

Innovative Development is headquartered outside Philadelphia, PA, with additional offices in Germantown, MD, Boston, MA and London and Manchester in the United Kingdom.