Adaptable eDiscovery Expertise, Strategies, and Services

Supporting the Litigation Needs of Clients Across a Range of Industries

The repeatable, defensible processes created by Innovative Development provide a litigation-ready environment for clients regardless of their industry. This proven approach allows each client to be compliant with legal, regulatory, and government requirements.

Focusing on the Specific Challenges Faced by Multiple Markets

Innovative Development employs proven processes for the delivery of eDiscovery services based on our documented framework. Adapted for the needs of each client, this framework is tailored to meet specific client objectives and requirements within a particular industry. Additionally, Innovative Development partners with legal firms to support their own service offerings. As legal firms work with their clients, they leverage our processes to expand their capabilities and provide successful outcomes for their clients. Our framework covers all aspects of eDiscovery, including Product Liability, Intellectual Property (IP), Employment, and Regulatory/Government Compliance.


We help government organizations examine and optimize how they deliver programs and services to improve efficiency, better manage staff, minimize resource waste and maintain technological relevancy. We provide a variety of outsource strategies to solve most mission critical operational issues. DUNS: 157033734 CAGE Code: 64W25 NAICS: 518210, 541199, 541512, 541519, 541611, 541618, 541690, 541710, 541712, 541715, 541990, 561330, 611430

Pharmaceutical/Healthcare/Life Science

This sector encounters litigation challenges on multiple fronts, including Product Liability, IP, Employment, and Regulatory/Government Compliance. ID’s support engages with internal and external legal and IT departments and suppliers to provide the necessary resources and services.


We help clients keep up with the high number of IP matters they face. Innovative Development’s planning and guided implementation lessens the load and stress of high-volume IP cases.

Telecommunications & Financial/Banking

These two sectors are challenged primarily with IP and Regulatory/Government Compliance matters. We are experienced with the complexities of regulatory requirements and stay current with frequently changing rules and regulations.

Legal & Specialty Law Firms

Innovative Development operates far more extensively than merely as an “extra pair of hands.” Beyond offering eDiscovery expertise and skills, we partner with law firms to provide the comprehensive legal services to meet their clients’ requirements.

Employment Litigation

Every sector and industry in which we work faces employment legal challenges. We are there to support their eDiscovery efforts in all types of matters.