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Hosting, Processing & Review

EDRM Model

Innovative Development can provide consulting and services across the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model, including the ability to minimize time, risk and costs in transferring collected data across to a hosted environment, where it can be processed and staged for review by legal counsel.

Workflow Consulting and Project Management

Every client engagement possesses its own unique challenges. At the outset of each matter our team of experts analyzes the dataset, budget, and clients stated goals in an effort to come up with the most efficient and defensible course of action. This proactive consultative approach allows our clients to focus on their business leaving the e-Discovery process in our hands. Our Discovery Data Workflow Consulting and Project Management are always included within the agreed upon client fee structure.

Our e-Discovery Platform


Data Processing

Our fully Unicode compliant integrated processing module offers advanced capabilities to process and filter large volumes of data in a fraction of the time it takes most service providers. Utilizing standard filtering techniques (key word searching, systematic de-duplication, data restriction) in conjunction with our embedded Advanced Analytics Suite, our clients are able to perform data assessments at the earliest stages of their matter, therefore reducing the amount of data necessary to review. We recognize that powerful data tools such as this are only as good as the people using them. Our team is assembled from industry professionals with specific areas of expertise that cover the spectrum of discovery data.

Advanced Analytics / Assisted Review

Utilizing our suite of Advanced Analytic tools our clients can quickly search and organize their data set to narrow down and focus their linear review on only the most relevant data. This tool suite is seamlessly integrated into our platform completely eliminating the use of third party software. Tools within our suite include:

  • Near Duplicate Review
  • Email Redundancy and Thread Management
  • Relationship Analyzer
  • Concept Analyzer

Our integrated Assisted Review module uses proven analytics technology to assist review teams achieve fast and predictable document categorization decisions. Learning from coding decisions made by expert reviewers across a sampling of the global data set this module automatically analyzes and categorizes the remaining population. A distinct advantage our clients enjoy is the ability to leverage Assisted Review with our Advanced Analytics tool suite to build the most efficient “seed” set of documents, delivering the most accurate results.

Linear Review

Our review module is the ideal linear review application. Reviewers can perform simple document coding, as well as mass coding among email threads or suggestive coding among near dupe families. Permissions can be set to allow as little or as much access necessary for any reviewer role. Automated batching based on reviewer coding criteria is also incorporated. No matter the complexity of your case our skilled project managers are available to assist in creating the workflow best suited to the needs of the reviewers and your entire case team. Other aspects of our linear review module include:

  • Customizable Layout
  • View Manager Search Preview
  • Native Viewer
  • Inline Redactions
  • Keyword Filtering and Hit-highlighting
  • Advanced Splitting


Our production features are seamlessly integrated within our platform which allows both outbound and inbound productions in one centralized location. We have a team of industry experts that have been involved in thousands of productions. This expertise is leveraged to provide additional quality control protocols as an added layer of protection. Other aspects of the Production module include:

  • Native and TIFF Productions
  • Categorized Production Folders
  • Rolling Productions
  • Production Security


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