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Information Governance

How Well Do You Know Your Data?

Turn Data Into Knowledge and Reduce Risk Through Good Information Governance

Data volumes are increasing at an ever faster rate. To turn data into information, companies must define and implement processes and standards that are understood and shared across the organization.  We help turn thoughts into actions.

Does your company really understand its information assets?

Knowledge is derived from information, which is composed of millions of pieces of data spread across multiple applications, departments and countries.  Making sure that everyone in your company understands their obligations in data handling is critical to the success of any business in the digital age.  It is vitally important to clearly define the ownership of information from the time it is created, through its lifecycle in application use, archival and storage, through to its eventual deletion in accordance with legal and compliance requirements in all the jurisdictions that you operate.

Innovative Development’s experienced consultants work with clients to define Information Governance standards, and then to create practical to process change projects to implement them.  Prioritizing projects based upon agreed organizational risks, creating training and awareness programs and running continual assessments against industry maturity models ensures we deliver quick and long lasting improvements for our clients.

Establishing an effective Information Governance regime

To fully implement an Information Governance policy, Innovative Development knows that the most senior executives within its clients must become accountable for its implementation and management.  We help our clients shape their Information Governance boards, and give them the metrics they need to assess the effectiveness of their performance.

Good Information Governance delivers better information to the business, at lower cost, and significantly reduces risks in eDiscovery and compliance.  Achieving this is not a straight path but Innovative Development has the talented and knowledge staff to show you the way forward.

Start Planning Your Information Governance Journey