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Records Management

How to Be Confident Your Data Is Litigation Ready

Only a Disciplined Approach to Record Retention and Disposition Helps You Rest Easier

Maintaining good records is important but can be difficult. The increasing pace of business, the complexity of compliance regulations, and the ever-present threat of legal action has made electronic records management a major concern. Turn to experts for help in controlling your data.

Have Your Electronic Records Been Modified, Deleted, or Inappropriately Accessed?

You need confidence that your data is litigation ready. That means you have to be prepared for eDiscovery. Therefore, controlling the life of a record in each stage of the information life cycle — from creation through disposition — is critical.

Innovative Development’s goal with each client is to align records management procedures with legal requirements. That includes the ability to store, identify, and preserve correspondence, communications, documents, private and public data — any Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

We bring a systematic approach to the retention and disposition of ESI within a company. To make sense of this massive, fragmented, and increasingly mobile information load, we help assign an e-preservation order to everything to be stored as well as processes for disposition when appropriate.

Establishing an eDiscovery Compliant Records Retention Plan

Innovative Development conducts an inventory to determine the kinds of records or information created and used by a client. We develop a classification scheme for grouping records into classes specifically designed to serve eDiscovery efforts in the future.

Our experts help clients prepare a records retention schedule tailored to a company’s business needs, regulatory requirements, legal documentation, legal hold, and — most important — for eDiscovery litigation.

Strengthen Your Records Retention Plan Now