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Technology & Process Integration

We Define eDiscovery Best Practices

Next Practice Thinking, Our Goal

Innovative Development integrates technology and business processes to deliver compliant, efficient, and defensible eDiscovery processes. Clients rely on our engineered approach to data collection for efficient processes, including predictive coding, for lower-cost litigation support.

The Right People and Processes for Seamless eDiscovery

When your eDiscovery needs are complex or urgent or both, you need solid assurance that you can pull together the necessary technology, the best business processes, and a coordinated team to deliver dependable results.

Innovative Development follows the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) best practices and goes a step further to unite and support key client stakeholders, internal and external counsel, IT providers, and software vendors at every step.

We bring clarity and organization to information identification and collection by:

  • Helping determine what information may need to be collected in response to discovery requests
  • Keeping current with the court’s eDiscovery rules
  • Coordinating the collection of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
  • Searching for relevant ESI

We pre-plan and troubleshoot critical areas of records management and data preservation by:

  • Helping a company to better secure its network
  • Reviewing and analyzing internal data-handling procedures after an investigation or eDiscovery project
  • Working with a legal team to identify data stores and data types as part of an Early Case Assessment (ECA)
  • Reviewing current IT processes and procedures as part of a documentation, Disaster Recovery Management (DRM), or compliance review

Tap the Power of Predictive Coding to Lower eDiscovery Legal Costs

Manual review of collected ESI is one of the most expensive phases of the legal process. Predictive coding (technology-assisted review) produces content tailored to court requirements with a workflow you can measure. Innovative Development implements the latest software tools, hardware, and knowledge to reduce drastically the hours of manual review while simultaneously reducing human error.

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